Corporate Governance Officer

The Company has established the "Secretary's Office of the Board of Directors" specifically for corporate governance, and on May 6, 2019, the board of directors appointed the Vice President of Administration as the head of corporate governance for dealing with matters related to meetings of the board, the audit committee, the remuneration committee and the board of shareholders as required by law; assisting directors in their induction and continuing education; providing information necessary for directors to carry out their business; and assisting directors in complying with laws and regulations, etc., and as the most senior executive for corporate governance-related matters with more than three years of experience in finance, shareholder services and rules of procedure.

The business implementation for 2020 is as follows:
1. Provided directors from time to time with information on continuing education courses to remind them to complete their courses per the requirements of the "Guidelines for the Implementation of Continuing Education for Directors and Supervisors of TWSE Listed and TPEx Listed Companies" and to report on the status of their studies as required.
2. Assessed the purchase of directors' and managers' liability insurance for members of the board of directors and reported to the board of directors on the contents of such insurance.
3. Convened communication meetings with the CPAs, independent directors and the heads of audit and finance and accounting from time to time to implement the internal audit and control system, with the minutes of the communication meetings available on the Company's website https://www.cwei.com.tw
4. Conducted board and committee meetings as required by law: notified all directors and members to attend the board and committee meetings seven days before the event and provided sufficient information to facilitate directors understanding of the content of the motions; reminded them in advance to recuse themselves from the meeting if having an interest in the meeting; and distributed to each director the minutes of the meeting within 20 days after the event.
5. Released material information or announcements of important resolutions after the day of the board meeting and shareholders meeting to ensure the legality and accuracy of the information disclosed in order to protect information symmetry for investors.
6. Conducted regular performance reviews of the board of directors each year in accordance with the Company's "Self-Evaluation or Peer Evaluation of the Board of Directors."
7. Provided the directors with information from time to time on new enactments relating to the execution of business, corporate governance or the conduct of business.
8. Conducted regular shareholders‘ meetings by law: registered the date of the annual shareholders‘ meetings by the deadline set by law, and prepared and filed notices of meetings, manuals and agendas by the deadline.
9. Completed the change registration for the amendment of the articles of incorporation and the change of share denomination in July 2020.
10. Reviewed item by item each year the achievement of the corporate governance assessment indicators, and proposed improvement plans and measures to address the indicators that did not score.
11. Provided operational information such as business or finance as required by the directors and maintained smooth communication between the directors and business executives.

The Officer participates in corporate governance related education and training:

Title Name Date Organizer Course Hrs.
Vice President of Administration and Head of Corporate Governance Serena, Yang 2020.04.14 Accounting Research and Development Foundation How to analyze critical corporate financial information to enhance crisis preparedness 6
2020.04.23 Accounting Research and Development Foundation Corporate governance in practice: using performance management to boost operational effectiveness 3
2020.04.23 Accounting Research and Development Foundation Protection of corporate "intellectual property rights" and related legal liabilities 3
2020.04.24 Accounting Research and Development Foundation “Financial misrepresentation" and the liability of internal audit officers/personnel 6