Board of Directors
Diversity of Directors Members

The Company's Corporate Governance Best Practice Principles have a policy of strengthening the functions of the board of directors. The composition of the board of directors should take into account diverse criteria such as gender, age, nationality, culture, professional background (e.g. legal, accounting, industrial, financial, marketing or technology) expertise and industry experience. To cater for the needs of the Company's business development, the Board of Directors of the Company shall be comprised of experts in industry, finance and accounting and management, with at least one member in each of the professional fields of business management, accounting and financial analysis skills and law.

The Company's Board of Directors currently consists of 9 directors, including 3 independent directors with different professional backgrounds or fields of expertise, which possess operational judgement, management, crisis management, industry knowledge, international market perception, leadership, decision-making, accounting and financial analysis and law, to effectively implement the Company's operation and future development strategies in line with the policy of diversity.

The average age of the current Board members is 64, of which 56% are aged 61 or above and 44% are aged 60 or below. In addition to the Taiwanese directors, there is one other director from Hong Kong, China. With the aim of diversifying the board of directors, despite currently no female directors among its nine directors, the Company will focus on gender equality in the composition of the board of directors when re-electing directors at future shareholders' meetings, with a view to increasing the proportion of female directors to one or more.

Name \ Criteria
Nationality Operations
Market View
Leadership Policy
and financial
analysis skills
Chairman Canon, Huang ROC V V V V V V V
Director Chou, Kang-Chi ROC V V V V V V V V
Director Chang, Tsun-Hsien ROC V V V V V V V
Director Chang, Ruei-Ding ROC V V V V V V V
Director Hung, Chuan-Cheng HK V V V V V V V
Director Huang, Shiou-Chuang ROC V V V V V V V
Independent Director Kong, Chi-Chuan ROC V V V V V V V
Independent Director Xin, Chun-Hao ROC V V V V V V V V
Independent Director Su, Erh-Lang ROC V V V V V V V V