Gratitude, Responsibilities, Cherishing, and Returns

Since its incorporation in 1989, Chang Wah Electromaterials Inc. has arrived at the “well-established” stage. Looking back on the entrepreneurial process over the past 30 years, I come to realize that “Gratitude, Responsibilities, Cherishing, and Returns” best describe and sum up the progress. These four words can serve as the root of a corporate culture for sustainable development.


Over the years, the Company has come across many benefactors. I would like to make a special mention to Noboru Furukofu, a former director of Sumitomo Metal Mining Singapore Pte. Ltd. At the early stage of the Company, trust and assistance from Mr. Furukofu had secured us the agency right of Sumitomo, which laid the groundwork for our leading position in packaging materials in subsequent periods.


As the old saying goes, “God helps those who help themselves”. With support from benefactors, we shall be more inclined to take on responsibilities in order to truly pursue corporate sustainability. We constantly enhance our operation, generate stable profits and incorporate the concepts of corporate social responsibility into our business. Consequently, we have sponsored several community sporting events in recent years so as to become a more energetic company.


Enterprises are about creating economic value, generating profits for shareholders and investors as well as striving to maintain the value bases jointly forged by customers, shareholders and employees. Furthermore, they shall fulfill their social responsibilities, cherish the communities and create social values, acknowledging the fact that wealth creation is equally important as social caring. This is the foundation of corporate sustainability.


To achieve outstanding performance, one must improve the tools. We continue to invest in equipment, research and development as only advanced manufacturing machinery can boost production, enhance product quality and achieve production efficiency, thereby reducing costs and generating returns to customers. This is equivalent to sharpening the competitive edges of our customers and the Company, benefiting both parties with a win-win solution.


In terms of our layouts for future transformation, besides switching to manufacturing, we also actively explore investment opportunities. Through mutual technology support by integration of upstream materials in the electronic industry needed by our investees, we aim to play a more crucial role in the industry. I look forward to Chang Wah Electromaterials being not merely a key supplier in the semiconductor supply chain but also a standard setter in the market with substantial influence in the industry.

Canon Huang, Chairman of Chang Wah Electromaterials Inc.