Product Name:Auto Molding Equipment / WCM-300L & GTM-X 120/170T
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product desc
a. WCM-300L (Fully Automated WLP Molding System)

Here is the World-first Fully Automated 12” WLP molding system, WCM-300L. First WLP device came out 10 years ago. After the technical break through, now real mass-production started.

Apic Yamada materialized the WLP molding technology in ’97.Now incorporating all know-how and technologies, the world’s 1st fully automated WLP molding system WCM-300L is coming out to the market.

WCM-300L has in-line concept for wafer loading/unloading, compound feeding, encapsulation and vision inspection. This system handles the wafer without any damage nor contamination and encapsulate high quality products. The press system is high precision mechanical press, specially developed for WLP. This system can handle either liquid or granular compound to accommodate to the customer’s requirement.In addition to the system features, the production control software, A-MICS* is provided to monitor all system’s production status from the office.

b.GTM-X 120/170T (High performance molding system)

G-Line is one of flagship for the molding system, and this system has been supporting the mass production in the field for over a decade. Following G-Line’s prominent concept and performance and to beyond G-Line, This new Transfer molding system, GTM-X is developed.Semiconductor devices are being changed and these new generation devices require higher encapsulation technologies, higher productivity and higher device quality.GTM-X is accommodating to large 100 x 300mm substrate and 4 or more substrates per mold. The machine cycle time is also improved, and the compatibility of the G-Line peripheral equipments are considered as well.GTM-X can support any manufacturing style of customer's requirements with the system line-up from manual to full auto.