Semiconductor industry is a battle field which always emphasis on accuracy and expansibility of its products (components) and production process. Compare to other competitors, CWE always provides better and qualified packaging material together with packaging equipment to satisfy customers' demands. CWE guarantees to provide customers integrated solution with sufficient supply.
Serving as the primary agent for international leading brands, whose enormous research productivity can always develop products exceed standard, CWE not only provides first-tier products in various kinds, but also makes our customers more competitive in their kinds.

CWE bridges over demands between material suppliers and end customers with our qualified integrated total solutions. Semiconductor industry improved radically for past decades; new solutions bring shorter product life cycle. Hence, as a processional agent, besides providing market information upstream and downstream rapidly, we deploy technical consultancy service to show our value for the industry. We understand customers’ demands and always provide various solutions in a timely manner. Our management team, with more then 10 years experiences and engineering major backgrounds, witness the development and expansion in this industry. Hence, we have confidence and ability to provide joint-development products and introduce new productions. We perceive customer’s need and we are here to help.

CWE can analysis and evaluate the market trend professionally. Together, CWE provides our customers more understanding and knowledge about future development trend in both marketing and technical development schedule rapidly and precisely. CWE always adjust our product lines and introduce niche products to enhance our product portfolios under reasonable appraisals. Along the way, CWE always aim to increase profits and decrease risks at both customers us.

CWE conduct the agent service for IC package material and equipment. All our material-related products are required to pass related reliability assurance test and acquire certifications for certain quality standard by both customer and government. Since each material contains its special test criteria and there are enormous differences between them, hence, the early entry into the industry and control sales channels can win the market. CWE sits in the semi-conduct industry for more than 20 years and we understand the market. Thus, we guaranteed to provide customers with a boarder marketing perception and service better than our peers.

CWE continuously expand our service fields. We introduce LED lead-frame and connector for LCD back-lite module; we introduce glue and FP-FPC products for touch penal related materials; and we also step into the field as material supplier for 3C products. We try to develop a platform where we can leverage products and experiences of the industry and build up our core technology. By investing subsidiaries, we join our forces to establish the niche product and create the niche market for semiconductor packaging industry, penal industry and Consumer electronics products.