Establish Date 13,May 1989
President Canon,Huang
General Manager Thomas,Huang
Capital NTD 639 Million
Employees 84(Single);1937(Group)
Address 6F,#16,East 7th Street,Nan-Tze Export Processing Zone,Kaohsiung City 811,Taiwan

The semiconductor packaging industry is working hard to put "products, portable and miniaturization" electronics products into consumers' hands. As a result, IC packaging technology is continuing to progress in the directions of higher density, smaller size and greater number of I/Os with higher reliability. These trends are driving the high speed growth of the packaging materials market.

Founded in 1989, the Chang Wah Electro - materials Inc. has been a highly professional and forward-looking member of the industry. We have rapidly adopted packaging materials and equipment from Taiwan Sumitomo Bakelite, Sumitomo Metal Mining, Asia Pacific and many prominent international firms. Today we provide domestic packaging firms a wide spectrum of packaging materials and equipments. After many years of dedicated hard work, we are continuing to strength our product agency capabilities under a philosophy of "professionalism, quality, and efficiency. "We are securing agency rights to even more international brands. We hope to satisfy customers' one - stop shopping needs with a full product line, and we seek to actively understand our customers' needsand ongoing market trends, We are eager to forge high added value partnerships, and enhance the competitive advantage and growth of our customers and vendors.